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XMOSS is more than Seamoss . It's a movement . My slogan "get XMOSS get active !" was birthed from my darkest hours. My mother passed away shortly after being diagnosed with liver cancer a few months prior . I sat beside her in the hospital room as Dr. D'Silva told her that she had spots on her liver. A few more tests confirmed that it was cancer.....


Time went by she eventually got more sick and couldn't fight the cancer and eventually passed away .I kept strong externally but deep inside I was sinking into a depression and to make things worst my health was declining . My eating habits were horrible and I knew if I kept things up my quality of life could be at stake . I needed a change but more so I needed motivation I needed a boost. Seamoss was the solution. I found a 5lb bag of St. Vincent Seamoss in a plastic bag in the kitchen cupboard ....last gift from mom.


Something in me just knew it was from her. Now I had to research the benefits of Seamoss...and I did! I found a Dr Sebi YouTube video of him teaching a class about Seamoss and how it nourishes the body , and that was all it took to convince me to prepare the batch at hand.....

I began making little jars of Seamoss gel but more so I began digesting it into my smoothies my teas along with my juice any how...but mostly in the blender with fruits. I began to feel an enormous rush of super strength ...only people who consume Seamoss regularly will under stand it when I say " you can feel it coming out your pores" the best example is superman as he stands in the sun light getting energized ....MOSS fires you up !

I began to fire up and hit the gym ....with so much extra energy and power endurance and stamina ....i had a love affair with with the gym and my Seamoss I lived in the gym but I also ate better. I stayed away from rice bread fried foods and white sugar which eliminated sodas juice (time to time an occasional peanut m&m's)

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